CHARMZONE Cleansing Foam-참존 후코이단 클렌징 폼


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CHARMZONE Saelok Wando Island Fucoidan Cleansing Foam
참존 새록 완도 후코이단 클렌징 폼, 리얼 녹차 파우더와 어성초 원물 함유, 올 스킨 타입

참존 새록 후코이단 폼 클렌징

  • 새록 후코이단 클렌징은 개운한 사용감, 풍성함 거품으로 충분한 세정력과 더불어 세안 후에도 피부 장벽을 손상시키지 않고 피부 장벽을 지켜 줍니다
  • Low PH Facial Cleanser Moisturizing Mild Cleanser for All Skin Type. Mild facial wash with acidic PH (PH 5.5-6) to remove sebum without irritating or stripping skin.

  • ✅ [Wando Fucoidan] Natural protective layer formed by seaweed against sunlight and waves- added into the cleanser for long lasting hydration
  • ✅ [Removing Impurities] Green tea powder and Houttuynia extracts to wash away all the impurities, leave the skin clean and refreshed
  • ✅ [Natural Ingredients] No artificial fragrances or colors included- ceramide complex and peptide complex to create extra nourishment
  • ✅ [EWG Green Grade] All green grades & skin irritation test completed- suitable for all skin type


Fucoidan creates strong moisture barrier as it contains sulfate group which combine easily with water molecules


Fucoidan, green tea powder and houttuynia extract

Product details

  • Package Dimensions : 1.97 x 1.97 x 0.71 inches; 6.03 Ounces
  • Manufacturer : Kolmar Korea Co., Ltd

참존 새록 후코이단 폼 클렌징


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