What is the best Toothpaste

While I ate beef rib, I felt a little pain in two of my right molars. I wanted to say that it was a little uncomfortable rather than pain. As I thought about it why, I realized that I had roughly brushed my teeth for several days. My old habit of brushing my teeth twice with toothpaste and bamboo salt broke, so I simply brushed my teeth with only toothpaste. It is the aftereffects of entering LAZY UTOPIA with an uncontrollable increase in time due to Covid-19.

While brushing my teeth with bamboo salt, I thought about when I started brushing my teeth with bamboo salt and I realized that it’s been over 15 years. At that time, bamboo salt was not as popular as it is now.

One of my acquaintances went to Korea to treat for gums falling down. I couldn’t get a sense of what kind of disease it was when gums were down, but she complained that aside from the pain, the bad breath was so severe that she woke up from her own bad breath .

She came back from Korea after good treatment and recommended me bamboo salt which the dentist who treated her recommended. As we age, the problem that everyone faces were the health of the gums and teeth, but brushing our teeth with bamboo salt could prevent it to some extent.

At that time, I had two molars with a black spot like a millet. The molar teeth were decaying. That’s why I went to the dentist, and the dentist recommended that I stayed a few more years, even without filling. He said that “it wasn’t permanent even after filling, so you took good care of your teeth and tried to hold them as much as possible.” He drove me out of the dentist’s office while he said that if I were a regular customer, he would have asked me to put a gold tooth or a diamond since I was a friend then gave me advice.

When I heard my friend, who is the dentist, telling me to take good care of my teeth, there was no way to think about how do, so I just brushed my teeth every time I had a chance to do. And then I met bamboo salt.

I’ve never heard of bad breath in my life- it’s a very personal matter, so maybe no one could have ever pointed that out to me. And my two molars, which have millets, are still satisfied with only millets for over 15 years, the moment the millets turn into black beans, there will be a huge cost of bartering them for gold, of course. When I got stressed or tired, the gums blistered or turned white, but soon the blisters disappeared and returned to pink, so there have been no major problems with teeth and gums so far.

Come to think of it, the bamboo salt must have worked, or the toothpaste which I have used is good, or it is just because that my brushing method is excellent. Suddenly, I’m curious.

Let’s take a quick look at toothpaste and bamboo salt.

Bamboo salt
What is Bamboo Salt?
  1. Put sea salt in a royal bamboo rod (kind of barrel).
  2. After covering it with loess, put it in an iron caldron and bake it at high temperature with pine firewood.
  3. Take out the salt pillar witch salt turns into from the bamboo rod.
  4. After grinding the salt pillar, put it back in the bamboo rod and then bake it again.
  5. Repeat step3 →step2→step4 7 more times.
  6. The last 9th is to bake 1200c~1500c by increasing the firepower with pine rosin.


  1. Anti-inflammatory; sterilizing power is three times that of regular salt.
  2. Excellent for gum health as it contains ingredients such as vitamin e, zinc, iron, and folic acid.
  3. Removes bad breath.

※In fact, my friend, who was a dentist, did not advise brushing teeth with bamboo salt, but the dentist who treated my acquaintance said that it was good to do. Judging from that, it seems that not all dentists think bamboo salt is better than toothpaste.

Toothpaste benefits
according to
the ingredients contained
  • Fluorine – Tooth decay prevention.
  • Calcium, Potassium and Strontium – Protection against painful sensitivity of the teeth.
  • Salt, Pyridoxine hydrochloride, Allantoin, Aminocaproic acid – Relieve gum inflammation.
  • Surfactant, Abrasive – Prevention of coloration and discoloration, (Caution: high abrasive content can worsen the symptoms of aching such as chilling, heating, etc.)
  • Silicon dioxide, Potassium carbonate, Calcium hydrogen phosphate – Removal of dental plaque and tartar.

※As above, the benefits vary depending on the ingredients, but it is difficult to find a toothpaste that contains all of them.

Comparison of the price
of Bamboo salt and Toothpaste

▶Bamboo salt; $11~$14 per oz. (After going through 9 times of the baking process, the price is not low.)

▶Toothpaste; $0.22~$2.10

I didn’t trust using bamboo salt or toothpaste by itself, so I decided to use both of them, or I guess you could say that I liked both. Either way, I’m currently using both.^^

Bamboo salt

Sensitive toothpaste is a little more expensive than regular toothpaste, but it is still cheaper than bamboo salt. I use sensitive toothpaste and very cheap bamboo salt. What I use is $0.6 per oz. Maybe, this is only patterned, but still it works.^^

Maybe because I brush my teeth twice with bamboo salt and toothpaste, my molars still only have millet.

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In the United States, if you want to buy bamboo salt that has been baked at least 3 times, you can do it on Amazon.

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Like me, if you are interested in inexpensive bamboo salt and live in California, you can purchase it at Zion Market.

Bamboo salt and Toothpaste

For your information, it is recommended to brush your teeth as soon as you wake up in the morning because before you drink or eat something, you have to wash away kind of the toxins that have accumulated in your mouth overnight.

Let’s enjoy ‘The Joy of Eating’ with healthy teeth forever~~~

◈ 따끈 따끈한 오늘의 [건강 정보], [핫 딜] 절대로 놓치지 마세요 !

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  1. Thank you for your posting. It’s useful to me. I’ve not use bamboo salt. I should chang my toothpaste soon. Thank you:)

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