Drive to Ensenada from San Diego

When I lived in San Diego, I went to Ensenada in Mexico often. Whenever I went to Los Cabos or Cancun, I went there through Cross Border Xpress(C.B.X.). That way was cheaper and easier than L.A.X. But going Ensenada, the best way to there is driving through San Ysidro Border I think.

San Ysidro Port of Entry

From San Diego to Ensenada, it was better to drive I-805 and through San Ysidro Port of Entry. This way is easy to enter Mexico except that it is terrible to re-enter U.S. It usually takes a minimum of two hours. When I was returning, it took 4hours.

Lonely Seal in Ensenada

There is a seafood market at the beach in Tijuana with lots of vendors and customers. But nobody paid attention to the seal. (I was not sure that was a seal or sea lion) Maybe because that was the norm…

Ceviche Vendor in Ensenada

What got my attention the most were the CEVICHE vendors.

Ceviche Vendors in Ensenada

There were many many vendors and a lot of customers who wanted ceviche.

La Casa Del Pescador Restaurant in Baja California

There is also a La Casa Del Pescador restaurant. Their lobster was so good. I had BBQ Lobster but fired one is also good.

Breathtaking View of La Casa Del Pescador Restaurant in Baja California

They did not have fancy interior but their view was fantastic.

Tuna Pen in Baja California

Before I went to Punta Banda I never knew Tuna Nursery was a thing that existed. I thought that tuna was caught only in wild, but I was wrong. That circle was called Tuna Pen where giant tunas lived.

Ensenada Cruise Ship

Ensenada was also famous for cruises. Tourists from the cruise ships could shop for seafood or for Mexican traditional grocery.

Seafood market in Baja California

There was seafood market by-street Port of Ensenada. Price depends on kinds but mostly 60peso~70peso per 1kg. It was an amazing price.

When I saw shells, oysters and other things I thought about how good they looked and how fresh and cheap the prices were. But when I saw the sharks I thought that it looked very cruel despite the fact it’s the same with the oysters and fish before.

Across from the seafood markets, there were lots of restaurants. I could either order from their menu or bring what I bought to be cooked. Of course I had to pay for that service. Servers from each restaurant were all busy soliciting tourists.

Souvenir Vendors at Port of Ensenada

Clothing, toys and accessories, those were not in my interest. But I’m sure many others would like them.

Museo del Estero in Ensenada

There was a museum which was Museo del Estero. Entrance fee was free. It was a small cozy museum and was worth visiting.

Agua Caliente Beach , Baja California

On the way to La Bufadora, we sent to Agua Caliente Beach. It was amazing. We could make our own Jacuzzi. It was simple and easy. All we had to do was dig down in the sand to get hot water. It was ans awesome unique experience.

La Bufadora flea market

Befoer enter into the Blowhole, there was a flea market leading us to there. There were hand-crafted products, Mexican attire and various Ensenada souvenirs.

La Bufadora Blowhole, Ensenada

This was similar to the blowholes on Tinian Island which is U.S. territory and very far from Los Angeles. Those presented magnificent spectacles. Compared to those, the blowholes of La Bufadora’s were a little tiny.


On the way back, we stopped by a small market. There were a lot of home-maid things. Jalapeno pickles, olive pickles, even cactus pickles and different types of honeys. The owner said that all goods were organic. Everything looked organic, like the owner had said. Honey, propolis and even royal jelly were very cheap. I asked her how the prices were so low. Maybe feed bees sugar at a apiary. Her answer was that sugar is more expensive than honey in Mexico. Believe that?

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